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Abbreviations and Acronyms
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Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations are shown in upper case, and without full stops, unless usage demands otherwise. In practice, abbreviations may appear in upper or lower case, or both, and with full stops and without.

3PLThird party logistics qv. Often used to mean a third party logistics provider.
A/AAlways afloat qv,
ABAble seaman qv.
ABSAmerican Bureau of Shipping qv.
AbtAbout, as for example, in a telex or email containing an offer for the charter of a ship which might describe her as abt 2,500 tonnes DWCC.
A/CAccounts. Used when referring to a bank account, for example a current a/c, and when allocating costs, such as in the phrase for the a/c of charterers.
Adval Ad valorem.
Addcomm.Address commission qv.
AFRAAverage freight rate assessments. See London Tanker Brokers’ Panel.
AHRAntwerp-Hamburg range. For definition, see Range of ports.
AHTSVessels Anchor handling tug supply vessel of Anchor handling tug support vessel.
AP(1)All purposes qv.
AP(2)Additional premium.
APSArrival pilot stations qv.
APTAfter (AFT peak tank) qv.
ATDNAny time day or night qv.
ATSAll time saved qv.
BAFBunker adjustment factor. See bunker surcharge
BBBelow Bridges.
BCIBaltic Capesize Index qv.
BCTIBaltic Clean Tanker Index. Bends Both ends qv.
BHMIBaltic Handymax Index qv.
BDTIBaltic Dirty Tanker Index qv.
BHPBrake horse power.
BIMCOBaltic and International Maritime Council qv.
BKIBiro Klasifikasi Indonesia qv.
B/LBill of lading qv.
B/NBooking note qv.
BOLBill of lading qv.
BPIBaltic Panamax Index qv.
B/SBunker surcharge qv.
Bs/LBills of lading. For definition, see Bill of Lading.
BTBerth terms qv.
BTNBrussels Tariff Nomenclature qv.
BVBureau Veritas qv.
CAControlled atmosphere. See Controlled atmosphere container.
CABAFCurrency and bunker adjustment factor qv.
CADCash against documents qv.
CAFCurrency adjustment factor qv.
CBRCommodity box rate qv.
CCSChina Classification Society qv.
CENSACouncil of European and Japanese National Shipowners’ Associations qv.
C&FCost and freight qv.
CFSContainer freight station qv.
Chopt  In charterers’ option. See under Charterer.
CIFCost, insurance and freight qv.
CIFCCost, insurance, freight and commission.
CIFFOCost, insurance and freight free out qv.
CIMInternational convention on the carriage of goods by rail. See Intergovernmental Organizational Carriage by Rail.
CIPCalling-in-point qv.
CKDCompletely knocked down qv.
CMIComite Maritime International qv.
CMRConvention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road qv.
COAContract of Affreightment qv.
COFCContainer on flatcar qv.
COJChilled orange juice from concentrate. See Orange juice
COPCustom of the port qv.
COTIFConvention concerning International Carriage by Rail. See Intergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail.
COWCrude oil washing qv.
C/PCharter-party qv.
CPCCellular palletwide container qv.
CPDCharterer pays dues.
CPPClean petroleum products. qv.
CQDCustomary quick despatch  qv.
CR(1)China Corporation Register of Shipping qv.
CR(2)Croatian Register of Shipping qv.
CSDClosed shelter-deck ship qv.
CSIContainer Security Initiative qv.
cStCentistokes qv.
CSUContinuous ship unloader qv.
CTConference terms qv.
CTLConstructive total loss qv.
C-TPATCustoms-Trade Partnership Againts Terrorism qv.
Cu ftCubic feet.
CYContainer yard qv.
DBBDeals battens and boards qv.
DDDry dock qv.
DemobDemobilisation qv.
DerDerrick qv.
DetsDetails. For definition, see Subject details
DGNDangerous goods note qv.
DisportDischarge port.
DisrateRate of discharge qv.
DlyDelivery qv.
DNVDet Norske Veritas qv.
DODiesel oil qv.
DPPDirty petroleum products qv.
DTDeep tank qv.
DWATDeadweight all told qv.
DWCCDeadweight cubic capacity qv.
DWTDeadweight qv.
D1/2DDemurrage half dispatch qv.
EBAFEmergency currency adjustment factor. See Bunker surcharge.
ECAFEmergency currency adjustment factor. See Currency Adjustment factor
EDHEfficient deck hand qv.
EFAFEmergency fuel adjustment factor. See Bunker surcharge.
EIREquipment Interchange Receipt of Equipment Interchange Report qv.
EIUEven if used qv.
ETAEstimated time of arrival
ETCEstimated time of completion
ETDEstimated time of departure
ETREstimated time of readiness
ETSEstimated time of sailing
FAC(1)Forwarding agent’s commission qv.
FAC(2)Fast as can qv.
FACOOPfast as can, custom of the port. For definition, see Fast as can and Custom of the port.
FAFFuel adjustment factor. See Fuel oil surcharge.
FAKFreight all kinds qv.
FASFree alongside or free alongside ship. For definition, see alongside ship.
F&CCFull and complete cargo qv.
FCLFull container load qv.
FCL/FCLSee under Full container load.
FCL/LCLSee under Full container load.
FCOJFrozen concentrated orange juice. See Orange juice.
FD(1)Free dispatch qv.
ED(2)Free discharge qv.
FD&DFreight, demurrage and defense qv.
FEUForty foot equivalent unit qv.
FHEXFridays and holidays excluded qv.
FILOFree in liner out qv.
FILTDFree in liner out qv.
FIOFree in and out qv.
FIOLS&DFree in and out, lashed, secured and dunnaged qv.
FIOSFree in and out and stowed qv.
FIOTFree in and out and trimmed qv.
FLTFork-list truck qv.
FMCFederal Maritime Commission qv.
FO(1)Free out qv.
FO(2)Fuel out
FOBFree on board qv.
FOB chargesSee under Free on board.
FOQFree on quay qv.
FORFree on rail qv.
FOSFuel oil surcharge qv.
FOTFree on truck. For definition, see Free on rail.
FOWFirst open water.
FP(1)Free pratique qv.
FP(2)Flash point qv.
FPSOFloating production, storage and affloading (vessel or unit) qv.
FPTFore peak tank qv.
FROBFreight remaining on board qv.
FrtFreight qv.
FWFresh water qv.
FWAFresh water allowance.
GAGeneral average qv.
Gen setGenerator set qv.
GLGermanischer Lloyd qv.
GMMetacentric height qv.
GMTGreenwich Mean Time.
GOGas oil qv.
FPGeneral Purpose. See General purpose container and General purpose rating.
GPSGlobal Positioning System qv.
GrGrain. See Grain or grain capacity.
GRIGeneral rate increase qv.
GRTGross register tonnage or gross registered tonnage. For definition, see Gross tonnage.
GTGross tonnage qv.
HaHatch or hatchway qv.
HazmatHazardous materials. See Dangerous goods.
HCHigh cube. See High cure general purpose container
HDHigh dispatch qv.
HFOHeavy fuel oil. See Bunker C.
HoHold qv.
HPHorse power.
HRCHot rolled coils
HSHarmonised System qv.
HSSHeavy grain, sorghum and soya.
HWHigh water.
HWONTHigh water ordinary neap tides.
HWOSTHigh water ordinary spring tides.
IACSInternational Association of Classification Societies qv.
IAFInflation adjustment factor qv.
IBCIntermediate bulk carrier qv.
ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce.
ICDInland container depot qv.
ICS(1)International Chamber of Shipping qv.
ICS(2)Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers qv.
IFIntermediate fuel oil qv.
IFOIntermediate fuel oil qv.
IGSInert gas system qv.
IMAOInternational Maritime Arbitration Organization qv.
IMBInternational Maritime Bureau qv.
IMDG CodeInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods Code qv.
IMOInternational Maritime Organization qv.
IRSIndian Register of Shipping qv.
ISOInternational Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities qv.
ISPSInternational Transport Workers’ Federation qv.
ITOPFInternational Tanker Owner’s Pollution Federation qv.
IWLInstitute Warranty Limits qv.
IWTInland water transport or inland waterways transport.
JITJust-In-time qv.
KRKorean Register of Shipping qv.
KtKnot qv.
LASHLighter aboard ship qv.
LBPLength between perpendiculars qv.
L/C(1)Laycan qv.
L/C(2)Ltter of credit.
LCLLess than container load qv.
LCL/FCLSee under Less thank container load.
LCL/LCLSee under Less thank container load.
LGCLarge gas carrier qv.
LIFOLiner in free out qv.
LILOLiner in liner out. See Full liner terms.
LLALong length additional qv.
LLCLevel luffing crane qv.
LMLane metre qv.
LNGLiquid natural gas or liquefied natural gas. See Liquide natural gas carrier.
LOALength over all qv.
LOILetter of indemnity qv.
Lo-loLift-on lift-off qv.
LPLoss prevention.
LPGLiquid petroleum gas or liquefied petroleum gas. See Liquid petroleum gas carrier.
LSLump sum, as in lump sum charter qv.
LS&DLanding, storage and delivery qv.
LT(1)Long ton qv.
LT(2)Liner terms qv.
LWLow water
LWONTLow water ordinary neap tides.
LWOSTLow water ordinary spring tides.
M(2)Measure qv.
MCQMinimum quantity commitment qv.
MDOMarine gas oil qv.
MHCMobile harbour crane. See Mobile crane.
MHWNMean high water neaps.
MHWSMean high water springs.
Min/MaxMinimum/Maximum qv.
MILOMain line operator qv.
MLWNMean low water neaps.
MLWSmean low water springs.
Mob(2)Mobilistion qv.
MODUMobile offshore drilling unit qv.
MOLMore of less.
MOLCHOPMore of less in charterers option qv.
MOLOOMore of less in owners’ option qv.
M/RMate’s receipt qv
MSMotor ship.
MTMetric ton qv.
MVMotor vessel
NAABSANot always afloat but safe aground qv.
NFCNot from concentrate. See Orange juice.
NFCOJNot from concentrate orange juice. See Orange juice.
NKNippon Kaiji Kyokai qv.
NOENot otherwise enumerated qv.
NORNotice of readiness qv.
NOSNot otherwise specified. See Not otherwise enumerated.
NRTNet register tonnage or net register tonnage. For definition, see Net tonnage.
NTNet tonnage qv.
NVONon-vessel owning carrier. For definition, see Non-vessel owning common carrier.
NVOCNon-vessel owning carrier. For definition. See Non-vessel common carrier.
NVOCCNon-vessel owning common carrier qv.
NYPE(C/P)New York Produce Exchange charter-party qv.
O/Aover-age qv or over-aged.
OBOOre/bulk/oil carrier qv.
OHBCOpen hatch bulk carrier qv.
OOIn owners’ option. See under Owner.
O/OOre/oil carrier qv.
OOGOut of guage qv.
OSBOne safe berth. See Safe berth.
OSDOpen shelter-deck ship qv.
OS&DReport or OSD report Over, short and domage report. For definition, see Outturn report
OSPOvertime qv.
OTIFIntergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail qv.
OTIOcean transport intermediary qv.
Pandi clubProtection and indemnity club qv.
PCCPure care carrier qv.
PCSPanama Canal surcharge qv.
PECPilotage Exemption Certificate qv.
PFTPer freight ton. For definition, see Freight ton.
P&I ClubProtection and indemnity club qv.
PLTCPort liner term charges qv.
PP(1)Picked ports.
PP(2)Posted price qv.
PRSPolski Rejestr Startkow qv.
PSCOPort State Control Officer qv.
PSI(1)Pre-shipment inspection qv.
PSI(2)Pounds per square inch.
RedlyRedelivery qv.
RIRegistro Italiano Navale qv.
RMG or RMGCRail-mounted gantry crane qv.
RMQCRail-mounted quay crane.
ROBRamaining on board qv.
Ro-roRoll-on roll-off qv.
RSRussian Maritime Register of Shipping qv.
RT or R/TRevenue ton qv.
RTG or RTGCRubber-tyred gantry qv.
RTWRound the world (service) qv.
SABIOStem and berth in order.
SBSafe berth qv.
SBMSingle buoy mooring qv
SBTSegretated  ballast tank qv.
SCQSpecial commodity quotation qv.
SDSingle deck ship qv.
SDWTSummer deadweight qv.
SESubject to enquiry qv.
SecsSeconds qv.
SGSpecific gravity qv.
SHEXSundays and holidays exluded or Sunday and holidays excepted qv.
SHINCSundays and holidays included qv.
Sim subSimilar substitute qv.
SLTSide-loading trailer qv.
SOCShipper’s own container qv.
SOLASSafety of Life at Sea. See SOLAS convention.
SPSafe port qv.
S&PSale and purchase. See Sale and purchase broker.
SPDSteamer pays dues.
SSSpecial survey qv.
SSHEXSaturdays, Sundays, and holidays included qv.
STCSaid to contain qv.
STWSaid to weigh.
Sub(1)Subject. For examples, see under Subject.
Sub(2)Substitute. For definition, see Substitute and Substitution
SWADSalt water arrival draught qv.
SWLSafe working load qv.
T(1)Tonnes, that is, metric tons of 1,000 kilogrammes
TAround Trans-Atlantic round voyage.
TBATo be advised.
TBCTo be confirmed.
TBNto be nominated. See under Nominate a ship (to).
TDWTotal deadweight qv.
TEUTwenty foot equivalent unit(s) qv.
TFTropical fresh.
THCTerminal handling charges qv.
TIRTransport International Router. See Transport International Routier Convention.
TLOTotal loss only.
TPCTonnes per centimentre qv.
TPDTonnes per day qv.
TPDTonnes per days qv.
TPHTonnes per hour. See Grab type ship unloader and continuous ship unloader.
TPITons per inch qv.
TTTelegraphic transfer qv.
TVCTime volume contract qv.
TVRTime volume rate qv.
UBCUniversal bulk carrier qv.
ULCCUntra Large container ship qv.
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development qv.
USDUnited States Dollars.
USNHUnited States North of Hatteras.
UUUnless used qv.
VATValue Added Tax.
V/CVoyage Charter qv.
VLCCVery large crude carrier qv.
VLGCVery Large gas carrier qv.
VOCCVessel Operating common carrier or vessel owning common carrier. Generally used to distinguish such carriers from VNOCCs qv.
VSAVessel sharing agreement qv.
WEFwith effect from.
WIBONWhether in berth or not qv.
WIFPONWhether in port or not qv.
WIPONWhether in port or not qv.
W/MWeight or measure qv.
WOGWithout guarantee qv.
WPWeather permitting qv.
WRICWire rod in coil qv.
WTSWorking time saved qv.
WWDWeather working day qv.
WWRCDWhen where ready on completion of discharge. See under When where ready.